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TSLA a Value Buy? 2019 P/S below 1.5

Dienstag, 18. September 2018

XON Continues to Disappoint - I'm Buying

I took a stake in Intrexon, another once overhyped company that has come down to what I view as fairly valued. (No time to write about the company in detail. Here ist their website: www.dna.com)

Contrarian Aspect

Intrexon has a long history of making its shareholders believe a "big deal" is just around the corner; and it has kept disappointing so far. Delivered another year-over-year revenue DROP last quarter.

Market expectations have come down to realistic - maybe even slightly pessimistic - levels, i think.

I think share price movement after last cc has been an indication that even with no news, the bottom seems to be around 13.

I'll give it a try. (Buying at $14.3 per share)

Intrexon's CEO Kirk is known to be somewhat overpromising (another similarity to my first pick TSLA) but I do think he is not completely off when he says their energy division alone is worth more than their current market cap.


I am long XON.


Of course, everything I write is only my opinion and should not replace your own research. (It's not even a recommendation, it's only an explanation for my own trading.)
I do not know the future either.

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