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TSLA a Value Buy? 2019 P/S below 1.5

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018

Buying FB on downgrade, pullback

I also added some FB today.

Morgan Stanley cut estimates and price target. Might be near a bottom after the disastrous q2 cc in July, privacy fears and recent market pullback on China "trade war" (which by the way does not actually hurt Facebook, because they don't have a lot of China related business).

Business is still solid, PE 20 does not need future growth to match past growth; debt near zero.

Bought some at 155.31, will sell if it bounces significantly within a few days, otherwise hold long term.


I am long FB.


Of course, everything I write is only my opinion and should not replace your own research. (It's not even a recommendation, it's only a documentation of and an explanation for my own trading.) I do not know the future either.

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