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Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2018

US-China Trade War: Buying BYD and Xiaomi

While Hong Kong stock market continues to be near multiyear lows, I think news about "trade war" are about to ebb. So I think this is a good opportunity to buy Chinese Companies at the Hong Kong stock exchange. After buying agribusiness company China Agri-Industies about 2 weeks ago I am adding some tech stocks today.

Both are pretty well known (BYD mainly for being backed by Buffett, Xiaomi for being one of the fastest growing smartphone makers), without any recent news events that would have made them overpriced highflyers, so I think they have been trading near fair value; both don't sell a lot in the US, so the whole Trump tariff game won't hit their results significantly. Still, trade war news have been dragging both stocks down with the market.

Bought BYD at 50.05 (HKD); Xiaomi at 13.8.


I am long BYD and Xiaomi.


Of course, everything I write is only my opinion and should not replace your own research. (It's not even a recommendation, it's only a documentation of and an explanation for my own trading.) I do not know the future either.

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