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TSLA a Value Buy? 2019 P/S below 1.5


Content: My Individual Trading Decisions and Basic Thoughts Surrounding them

I am going to write about my investment decisions in almost real time. Of course, sometimes I won't have the time to write before I trade and blog about it later. As I have literally no followers for this blog (yet?) I am obviously not going to move anybody's decision in the market or even stock prices, so this should not be a problem.

Why am I doing this?

1. Of course I secretely hope that I will gain some followers in the process of what I am doing and make this a source of (ads) revenue. (After 1 week of blogging I am realizing this is not realistic, in part because these days I am not even trading as frequently enough to make this something exciting enough for an audience of thousands of regular readers. So what remains is probably only 2.)
2. In my 20+ years of trading, and even in the last about 10 years (which I survived almost entirely on trading profits, although I started off with almost no capital) repeatedly the following pattern occured: Nice profits from months or years of patient disciplined investing and trading, with deeply thought about and researched investment ideas and risk limiting rules were cut in half (or worse) by weeks of greed and hubris that caused trading on emotions and margin and without any risk management.
I expect that consequently and publicly writing about my decisions might be a good way to keep myself from doing at least some of the most stupid things in trading - and if not, this might be a source (for myself and for others) to learn from my mistakes.

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